Completed TV Series:


Drama | Comedy
5 x 50'

After being wrongly fired, corporate diva Ana struggles to clear out her name, while slowly embracing the dark side of revenge and becoming the monster she's fighting.

Production: Dansu, LRT, Telia Play+
Director: Ernestas Jankauskas
Producer: Gabija Siurbytė
Written by: Domantė Urmonaitė & Martynas Mendelis

Worldwide distribution rights (excluding Lithuania and Estonia): GoQuest Media

Projects in development:


Sci-fi | Mystery
6 x 50'

Set in Afterlife and on Earth, THE CLOUD explores concepts of faith, soul, mortality and mind.

Unbearable loneliness in heaven burns Sarah’s hope to meet her husband Sam. On Earth, Sam attempts to use science to find a shortcut to afterlife. They’re destined to meet, but when they do, the rules of The Cloud are broken and their daughter Amy gets lost. Their attempts to find her will lead to the discovery, that afterlife is only a digital collection of zeros and ones.

Even more - GOD is not made out of flesh and blood. It’s a rapidly developing AI software, that has its own agenda.

Pilot script, mini-bible and mood-trailer are available upon your request.

Running in Heels
Mystery | Drama
8 x 50'

Women in heels know how to keep secrets. If they can smile through pain, what else are they hiding?

Running in Heels tells a story about four Eastern European women eager to turn their sour lemons into Limoncello. They all arrived in Milan for different reasons: to hide and seek safety, to chase career dreams, to earn more money, and to pursue their happily ever after. As long as their past stays far away in a rear-view mirror, they hold their heads high and don’t look back.

But when their immigrant friend is found murdered under mysterious circumstances, they realize - sometimes “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”, and even the best Limoncello still tastes like lemons.

Pilot script and mini-bible are available upon your request.

VR Short

Through the eyes of a lovestruck robot vacuum, “hello." is a VR experience that explores the fragmented lives of a busy family, the power dynamics between household appliances and the dangers of AI learning from the wrong sources.

In development with Newen Studio.


Sci-fi | Mystery
8 x 50'

Set at CERN, the arena charged with mistrust and uncertainty, My Significant Other explores humanity’s ability to juggle the facts in the “post-truth” era.
Carrying a bulletproof reputation of a liar, Paul, the newly appointed CERN’s spokesperson, struggles to get rid of this label and start over.
Nevertheless, after a mysterious blackout in the area, Paul is not the sole commander of his mind and his body. Suffering from sleepwalking episodes he can’t control, Paul will struggle to come in terms with his significant others - his beloved wife Abigail, his sleepwalking lover Ida, and a mysterious extraterrestrial being, who is living in Paul’s bloodstream.

Pilot script, mini-bible and mood-trailer are available upon your request.

Sci-fi | Drama
8 x 50'

FOMO follows two families living in parallel universes, as they explore the paths of their other-selves and attempt to live their lives to its fullest.

Mini-bible and Pilot Outline are available upon your request.

8 x 30'

Set in an idyllic mountain village in Val Venosta, RUNNING WITH SCISSORS explores the lives of three elderly people, who are about to take on their greatest adventure.
When Johan finds out he has cancer, he’s determined to do anything to save his son who inherited his genes. Giovanna struggles to get enough money to keep her family restaurant open. Failed scientist Klara is forced to forget her big city dreams, but isn’t ready to give up on her career.
In a world, charged with nostalgia, loneliness, and memories of good-old times, they’re determined to change their destinies by solving the greatest puzzle of all times - CRISPR gene editing technology. They’re in a perfect place to do this - invisible to society and ready to sacrifice themselves to save their family legacies.

Mini-bible and Pilot Outline are available upon your request.